Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Corporate caterers London – Catering school opens up new opportunities for the younger generation

With the rise of celebrity chefs and the coverage of catering as whole in the media, increasing numbers of the younger generation are spying the potential of a very successful future in the industry. 

Watch out Jamie Oliver

The idea of catering as a career option has recently become more popular amongst the younger generation.  There could be a number of reasons why but one that stands out is the rise of the celebrity chef.  There has been a somewhat glamorisation of working in catering since the emergence of TV chefs such as Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey.  Jamie Oliver famously established his restaurant, Fifteen, around giving underprivileged teenagers the opportunity to work in catering.  This proved to be a great success and also opened up catering as a career option to teens who perhaps before would have not thought it possible for them to embark on such a successful career.

Investing in catering is paying off

Vocational courses are increasing in popularity amongst those students who would rather go into a career as soon as possible rather than go to University.  The establishments that offer such courses as catering are benefiting from substantial funding from corporations and the government in order to improve their facilities and enable them to provide their students with the best learning environments.

Corporate catering as a career option

Corporate catering is a fast growing industry as large businesses are more prepared to invest in events to impress clients as well as reward their staff.  Working in corporate catering, especially in a vibrant, lucrative city such as London, provides a career path with diversity and opportunity to make a large profit. Gaining catering qualifications is a great stepping stone into the corporate catering world and provides students with great background knowledge that they can the put to use on a corporate level. 

A perfect example of someone who gained top catering qualifications and has put them to use by founding a successful corporate caterers in London is the founder of deWintons.  DeWintons was established in 1996 by Jacqueline Thomas, a former student of the top catering school, Leith’s school of food and wine.  She has incorporated her knowledge of food with her business partners’ ambition to provide excellent customer service, creating the perfect recipe for an excellent corporate catering company in London. School Furniture from Edusentials can kit out a school perfectly for any lesson.