Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Ink Cartridge Refill– The Students’ Choice

As a student, making sure you have enough ink in your printer to get those assignments in on time is more crucial than ever.

When you buy an ink cartridge, it seems only a short while until you need to buy another in order to print out what you need. Being a student makes it more stressful when you have several pieces of work all to be handed in at the same time, so having an ink cartridge that you can refill is always useful.

Students today need an easy option for printing their important coursework off, and so it makes sense to refill an ink cartridge and pay less than you would buying a brand new one. With students on a budget and already buckling under the pressure of a student loan, it is much cheaper and more convenient to refill ink cartridges.

Why Would A Student Need An Ink Cartridge?

There are many reasons why a student would need an ink cartridge, not least for the ease and convenience:

  • Most Universities now request typed work as opposed to handwritten, and they will often not accept anything other than professionally printed copies.
  • Using the University or College library is difficult – there are always less computers compared to the number of students on campus, and it is time-consuming trying to find a free computer to do your work on.
  • There are often student charges for printing work in colour at University
  • No margin for error – if you print something off in the University library and find a spelling error, it will cost you once more to print it again, particularly if it is in colour.

With this in mind, most students are now taking their own desktop computers or laptops to keep in their room on the University campus. This minimises the need for struggling to find a free computer in the library. With a computer in the students’ room, a printer is essential. Making sure you have the ink cartridge you need is also crucial, so finding a company that can refill them for you is a much cheaper and more environmentally friendly option than going out and buying a new branded ink cartridge.

Ink Cartridge – Refill At Your Convenience

For many, refilling an ink cartridge is the way forward and this is now a popular option that many companies are offering. If you are unsure about getting an ink cartridge refill, why not give it a go next time you run out of ink. All you need to do is send off your empty ink cartridge and then wait to receive it back, refilled and ready to go! It couldn’t be simpler. So, if you want to eliminate at least some of the student stress, make sure you refill your next ink cartridge.

Camping - Students and Summer Camps

Camping at student summer camps such as BUNAC can be a life-changing experience.

It can be hard letting your grown children fly the coup, especially when the world seems to be becoming a scarier and scarier place. But organised camping schemes such as BUNAC can be a great way for students to see the world, experience other cultures and have the safety and guidance of the camp and its camp leaders.

Camping with BUNAC

As well as providing a fun travelling experience, camping with organisations such as BUNAC (British Universities North America Club) can be educational too. The camping offers students the chance to work alongside children aged six to 16 on a summer camp in America or Canada. The camping experience can instil a sense of confidence, boost self esteem and teach valuable life skills.

Who can apply for this camping trip of a lifetime?

·         BUNAC is open to students, foreign students and non students who are aged from 18 or 19
·         Applicants must be available for at least nine weeks between May and mid-August
·         Applicants must pass an interview to qualify for the camping experience

Benefits of camping with BUNAC

The benefits of camping with BUNAC are the tailored placements, which are matched to the individual’s skills as well as providing support and advice throughout the experience. After the camping project is finished, it’s also the ideal opportunity to spend time travelling around the States, Mexico and Canada. It’s a unique opportunity to spend time camping, living, working and travelling overseas.

More than just camping trips

It isn’t just the summer camping trips students can work on, other opportunities include:

  • Flexible work and travel programmes in Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand
  • Volunteering/ teaching placements in Africa, South America, Asia and China.
  • Projects can be from five weeks camping to two years work placements.

Camping on one of the organised camps with BUNAC offers the chance to explore some of the most incredible places in the world and to do it cheaply. It’s a chance to gain work experience, build character and make some new friends. Many say that their experience camping with BUNAC became one of the most life changing and memorable experiences of their lives.